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Freedom is so Special…

Today is Memorial Day 2008. I want to send a humungous Thank You to our U.S. Troops.

Heroes is defined as “Everyday people doing extraordinary things”, ( www.Gimundo.com  ). I think the definition is broader…how about, ‘everyday people putting their minds toward contributing to the positive collective energy that surrounds us’?

Everything we do counts. Let’s close our eyes and say a collective ‘thank you’ in our minds to our brave soldiers. I am opposed to war but grateful to the people who fight for our Freedom.

The flip side of this buzzkill is that we can send them Love & Appreciation for their efforts. They’re all heroes and we can contribute to this mighty pledge by not forgetting them, today & everyday.

Thank you so much for our freedom!

Let Peace start Now!

Randi B. 


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