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Bring In the Joy: Getting Out of Our Way…

The spiritual practices that I’ve studied so far, place self-mind control practices on the top of their lists for achieving happiness…In Buddhist teachings, nirvana or freedom from suffering is known as Dharma.

In ‘Training the Mind: Verse3′, (Dalailama.com), the 14th Dalai Lama shares this mantra that he uses, May I examine my mind in all actions and as soon as a negative state occurs, since it endangers myself and others, may I firmly face it and avert it.”

His commentary continues, “This verse addresses how to combat…afflictive emotions and thoughts…It is these emotional and mental afflictions that give rise to pain and suffering…the third verse suggests that it is very important to cultivate mindfulness right from the beginning. Otherwise, if you let negative emotions and thoughts arise inside you without any sense of restraint, without any mindfulness of their negativity, then in a sense you are giving them free reign…However if you develop mindfulness of their negativity, then when they occur, you will be able to stamp them out as soon as they arise. You will not give them the opportunity or the space to develop into full-blown negative emotional thoughts.”

I’m reminded of a passage from the Abraham-Hicks series…”There is nothing you cannot be or do or have…There is nothing holding you back, other than your own contradictory thought.”

We’re smart Earthlings, right? Why is it so difficult for us to get-out-of-our-own-way?

Well, not to give up! Each moment is a new beginning for peace, joy & happiness within ourselves & for our Earth…

Let’s go from there,

Randi B


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