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Clarins Skin Spa – A Green Urban Oasis

Soon to be featured in CTN Green Magazine – stay tuned – is a representative visit to a green oasis in the urban jungle of New York City, Clarins Skin Spa.  With a spa at the Four Seasons in Houston, Texas and plans to expand to major cities like Washington, D.C., Miami and Boston, Clarins is poised to fulfill a valued, growing need for people who are as focused on the purity of their products as they are on the restorative impact of their rejuvenation and beauty treatments.  As peaceful as it is luxurious, a visit to Clarins Skin Spa is like a walk through a crisp spring day.  With sun-drenched skylights, similarly disposed expert staff and soothing music, your treatments of choice will feel like a warm hug.  And at Clarins, that is meant in the most literal of terms, as machines are banished to allow a total alchemy to be achieved between plant botanicals, the key ingredients in their products, palms and skin.  Moreover, even two-thirds of the plants used are cultivated and selected according to international conventions protecting species in an effort to maintain biodiversity. http://us.clarins.com/

Clarins also tries to source its ingredients as locally as possible to its production sites and since 2007, has ceased using parabens as preservatives in new product formulations and stands at 80% completion in the process of replacing parabens in existing product lines.  Water conservation is a Clarins priority, energy is closely monitored with a predilection for renewable electric energy, and 100% of the group’s industrial waste is reprocessed either through recycling or recovery.  There is so much more that the company is doing to promote its green initiative that we’ll elaborate on in the magazine.  But for now, suffice it to say that you can luxuriate in your treatments knowing that this is a company that cares about your global as well as personal environment.

And what treatments they are!  The “Intensive Body Firmer” treatment that I experienced was deftly, soothingly and warmly delivered with a deep, methodical, yet gentle laying on of hands that felt like a cross between the touch of a masseuse and a spiritual healer.  The result was a sublime journey that nourished my skin and relaxed my muscles while it warmed my soul and released my spirit.  Go and experience it for yourselves.  I highly recommend it. 


Annette Ferstenberg


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