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What’s So Great about Today?

The magic of the universe has allowed us to wake up again…we can decide what our thoughts will be…we can choose to be happy no matter what’s going on around us…

An uber cool, amazing thing we can do is tap into our own system of free will…our intuitive gut- feeling thermostat, will guide us…if we feel good in any way, we’re leaning in the right direction.

On a micro or a macro scale, who cares? No one’s taking inventory.

It all counts!

Why? Because participating in the Collective Positive Energy that is within & surrounds us in this

universe is only a good thing…that’s definitively in the bag!

Let’s see if we can wake up & realize how amazing the miracles surrounding us are…small, big,

who cares about size? There is no size because when we drop our competitive egocentric left brain

nonsense (chatter), we’re left with the absolute amazingness of being in the present moment where life is felt.

Once there we can use our gift of free will to navigate our thoughts…using our gut-thermostat to guide us in the good-feeling direction…

When it’s just us, naked without our “stuff”, what matters more than feeling good? If we don’t take advantage of our gifts, even our “stuff” can’t fill us up with that feeling we’re jonesing for…it’s called joy.

Let’s all hold hands & jump into it!

With peace,

Randi B.


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One Response to “What’s So Great about Today?”

  1. 1Joseph Jackowitzon 01 Sep 2008 at 3:29 pm

    Dear Randi,

    What a positive, wonderful e-mail! It’s funny, we have this positive approach on our website. We sell cosmetics; and, instead of always focusing on covering up and changing an individual’s looks, we try to emphasize enhancement of natural beauty. We are part of Teens for Safe Cosmetics where we are working diligently to try to get young people to understand that they can be unique, use their free will to express themselves, be individual with their makeup, all the while making healthy choices.

    Every day of our lives, we are grateful for the day we are given realizing that things could be so much worse. Watching Ted Kennedy the other night at the Democratic Convention was a moment where we are took a still breath–when time stood still for us all–where we realized how precious every moment is.

    We are grateful for the joy, the uplifting love your e-mail gave us.

    In kindness,


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