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Dalai Lama On Compassion

“We believe that true compassion is free of attachment.”  Compassion is similar to the unconditional love that a mother has for a child. When your child is born you give to that human being without ever expecting anything in return. The art of giving is processed on a different level and you suddenly realize how wonderful it feels to give rather than to receive.

As we develop compassion and love for others our inner sense of tranquility is felt inside ourselves. Our mind is at ease when we focus more on cultivating compassion for others. 

“Genuine compassion should be unbiased.”We must have the ability to feel compassion for our friends and enemies to extend that wonderful feeling universally to everyone.

There is a sense of responsibility for others and to help others overcome their problems.

Life of all beings is so precious and everyone has the right to be happy. 

“Generating concern for others has the vast power to transform your mind” When you practice concern for all human beings unlimited peace will be cultivated.


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