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Dalai Lama On Kindness

“It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives.” So many people have a wonderful open heart but forget how important it is to share their openness with the world at large. We need to share our joy with the world around us. Sharing not only brings us joy but helps our quality life and our interaction with the world.

The important thing is to not be focused on ourselves but the welfare of others, which widens our mind and makes our problems seem small compared to problems around us.

“Developing a warm heart ourselves can also transform others.” We can promote positive, beneficial affects when we spread happiness and compassionate thoughts to everyone. 

The relationship we have with our friends and business encounters is very strategic to our success and happiness . We are here to interact with one another in a harminous fashion to share experiences; our positive thoughts promote a healthier life.

Human friendship is the root to living a social life and the basis of human affection. “The more you remain open and sincere, the ultimately more benefits will come to you.”

“Friends, genuine friends, have much to do with a warm heart, not money, not power.” A real friend looks at you like a sister or brother whether you are rich poor or at a different social or economic level. Everyone seeks the kind of friend that is always there to cheer them up , lend a helping hand and genuinely cares about their well being. One should take care of others like they take care of themselves and their childern!!!

“The best way to make friends is to be very compassionate!!! Everyday try to make someone smile and think about the world around us and you will make more friends!!!!

Dedicated to all my wonderful friends in the world and all the new friends I will make!!!!




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  1. 1The Seekeron 28 Sep 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Nice blog you have. I’m really glad I found it.

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