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I only want to be ‘Normal’ if…

In an Abnormal Psychology class I took in college, I learned that ‘Normal’ was an instrument of measurement used to describe what the majority of people in a society or culture were doing at a particular time. It doesn’t mean good, bad, right or wrong…it’s just a snapshot of time.

Some cultures do things that would repulse us but is normal for them to do! I recently saw a documentary on the drug culture in the United Stated & Amsterdam…it piqued my interest because the drug enforcement policies are so different, but are considered ‘Normal’ for each country…there are pro’s & con’s to everything…

So if ‘Normal’ isn’t necessarily a good thing, then we each need to be pretty careful about what we follow, or passively let stand…I think it was Piaget who said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt”…uh, yes and no! 

Choices, choices, and too many more choices, it seems…but so what? How lucky are we that we can custom design what we choose to think about…we just need to be consciously awake!

Eckhart Tolle talks about how we all have an old story (or two…) we can drag around describing how we feel we’ve been victimized in our lives…the good thing is that if we choose not to identify with our story(ies), then we become free to live in the present moment where were can take control over our thoughts, and create the direction we want our lives to go in…definitely a positive direction!

I’m so happy that there’s a Earth-Friendly-Eco-Green-Positive-Spiritual Evolution goin’ on because what has been ‘Normal’ is shifting to a better ‘Normal’…people around the world are jumping on board because it’s the only hope we have for a good future… 

If we don’t allow our minds to drift away in unconscious thought, we can all participate in the health of our lives, joy of our spirits, and renewed growth for our planet…

Choices, choices and more choices…we can handle them all! Let’s lean in the right direction with an awake mind, and create a fresh, new, ongoing ‘Normal’…that’ll keep getting better & better…how can it not?

Let’s be on board & feel proud of what we’re creating!

Stay well,

Randi B.




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