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Manner’s are an important part of our planet’s positive circuitry…..

I’m not talking about the artificial formality from the olden days…I mean, what happened to the person going out the door first, holding it open for you or if you drop something, the person next to you picking it up, or waving ‘thanks’ if someone purposely lets you cut in front of them…I mean simple gestures that make the other guy feel just a little bit better about their day…

Manners =  Sharing…

My guess is that manners have become nearly extinct because of the domino effect, going sour. Energy has a pull in the direction with the most momentum. That’s what’s dangerous about the negative collective energy force. Animals don’t have our ‘free will’ to consciously make purposeful decisions with clarity & understanding…but lucky us! we can pull back in the direction of the positive collective energy force. 

Don’t you just love it when someone holds the door open for you, or thanks you with a little wave, or smiles and says thanks or please or you’re welcome or holds the elevator door open…simple gestures, simple pleasures…

This stuff is a big deal! The domino effect of anything that feels good, will bring more of the things that make us feel good. If we make it our business to be part of the positive collective energy for the universe, then we should consider simple gestures of kindness & compassion (like the Dahli Lama) to have a big overall impact…if we stop taking inventory for what we’ll get back. Who cares if the next person does or doesn’t hold the door open for us? If we do it for others anyway, then the system works for our planet…the kids will learn by what we show them. I’ve noticed that generationally, manners appear to be a disappearing art. I see it missing in our culture and I want them back…they feel good to give & receive…

If we can pass on a smile during our day, then I see it as huge part of our global transformation…we need eachother, like the sharing covalent bonds between atoms in water…let’s give what we can toward the positive revolution evolution…ya, uh huh!

Thank you, please & peace,

Randi B. 



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