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We’re never stuck…

I don’t mean that running away from situations we don’t like, that we created, is a good solution to any situation.

But we don’t don’t have to stay in a life that feels bad. We can always find ways to change our situations without destroying the lives of other people. Change does not have to be so extreme and drastic.

I’m an advocate for clear thinking, which means no mind altering drugs and drinking, done to an extreme where the mind is distracted from delivering clear cut messages to the thermostat we carry at a gut level…if we are unable to ‘feel’ what we’re thinking, deciding, and living in each moment, then we’re not allowing ourselves the opportunity to make changes that will improve the quality of our lives, the lives of those around us, our society and in a ‘domino effect way’, globally…

The decisions that I most regret were made when I was distracted by fear, insecurity & doubt. I listened more to what other people wanted because I was not connected to myself…I used to not have an solid identity that I could hold on to…Now I Do!! I’m not lost anymore…

I’ve made changes and fine tuned certain areas of my life, so I would like my life more. My friends who are going through tough times can see that situations don’t have to stay ‘bad’, if given time & a new direction that makes sense for them…”New beginnings are often disguised as sad endings…”, my quote.

Our thermostat is our ‘gut feeling’…it’s an amazing tool that we can use to figure out what does make sense for us. Let’s first choose to be happy, in a real, authentic way…where it ‘feels’ right. I’m not talking about ending a relationship abruptly because it would ‘feel right’, if the decisions weren’t made with a clear mind & genuine gut feelings.

My friend was devastated last month because her husband wanted a divorce & was seeing a much younger woman…she kept saying, “how could he do this to me?” I told her that now she doesn’t have to be lied to anymore & everything is good but she just doesn’t know it yet (she wanted to whack me)…time is our best friend & friends can help friends get through the tough times. We all have stories, wounds & battle scars, but we don’t have to ’stay stuck’ or ‘feel unhappy’ in situations forever…no way.

Now she is starting to accept her situation, forgive her husband and move on a little bit…If her husband didn’t declare that he wanted to change his life, it wouldn’t mean that things ‘were good’ for her in that relationship…it would just mean that the true underlying feeling wasn’t talked about yet. What’s better…to look at the truth or not? I think that things happen when they need to happen and solutions to situations come when they need to come…everything is exactly as it should be.

Someone’s not necessarily a bad person because they’ve hurt us. Someone’s not necessarily a good person because they haven’t hurt us, yet. I like having control again…I enjoy using my thermostat as a useful tool to help guide myself to the feelings of joy & happiness.

Good ol’ life provides challenges for everyone…young, old, rich, poor, yada yada yada…the type of problems people have don’t seem to vary much, it’s how we handle the challenges that tells the real story.

Everything is good!

with peace,

Randi B.


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