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Dalai Lama on Materialism and The Modern World

Dalai Lama said it is important to have balance within oneself especially when it comes to our earthly possessions.”If an individual has a sufficient spiritual base, he won’t let himself be overwhelmed by the lure of technology and by the madness of possession.”
Very often wealth does not bring us happiness. During difficult times we must [...]

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Remember ‘The Secret’?…

Last year the teachings from ‘The Secret’ unleashed for us the wisdom behind The Law of Attraction. The deal with it is, ‘like attracts like‘…if your thoughts are focused on what you want, and you are certain that it’s being manifested, and you feel that it’s already here, and you’re in a state of feeling [...]

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Downsizing as the ‘New Black’…part of the Happiness Evolution

Premise: Stress = Unhappiness
What if we lived within our means? Would that help reduce the dreaded “stress beast” in our lives? I think so, yes!
How easy would it be if it didn’t matter what size house we lived in, or how much our clothes cost or kind of car we drove, etc…
Why should any of [...]

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