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Dalai Lama on Materialism and The Modern World

Dalai Lama said it is important to have balance within oneself especially when it comes to our earthly possessions.”If an individual has a sufficient spiritual base, he won’t let himself be overwhelmed by the lure of technology and by the madness of possession.”

Very often wealth does not bring us happiness. During difficult times we must not let ourselves take us out of balance or we can loose site of our internal serenity. Our lives are so hectic and it takes discipline not to be so attached to our material possessions. Sometimes all we want is more and more, which creates a domino effect and we start to become greedy, since it’s never enough. Granted we need money to survive, but we need to step back and not let money govern our inner peace.

“With the ever-growing impact of science on our lives, religion and spirituality have a greater role to play in reminding us of our humanity.” Science and Spirtuality teach us balance and the unity of all things.

Our media highlights all the negative news and we no longer hear about the good things and kind acts that are happening all around the world. “If therefore, the media is to be ethically responsible, it needs to reflect this simple fact.”

“Material things usually correspond to physical happiness, whereas spiritual development corresponds to mental happiness.” Balancing the physical and mental state of happiness is the challenge for human society.

Our challenge as a society is to find harmony like traditional communities have, but benefit from material development in the new millennium.


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