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Downsizing as the ‘New Black’…part of the Happiness Evolution

Premise: Stress = Unhappiness

What if we lived within our means? Would that help reduce the dreaded “stress beast” in our lives? I think so, yes!

How easy would it be if it didn’t matter what size house we lived in, or how much our clothes cost or kind of car we drove, etc…

Why should any of that matter? What if as individuals we were comfortable living within our means without any kind of shame or embarrassment? Wouldn’t that be freeing?

What if Downsizing were marketed as the New Black?

The best would be if we all started to live within our means and talked about doing it as a cool thing.

I know a few millionaires that can buy anything they want and still aren’t happy. It’s not the money’s fault.

If having access to spending gobs of money doesn’t guarantee happiness, then maybe the idea of having money is the thing that hits the spot…that feels right…

The New Poverty that is affecting our generation is a result of us trying to  show that ‘we have it all’, whether we can pay for it or not. The stress from living this lifestyle is simply not worth it…

If we, as a community, in our culture stopped the madness of trying to keep up with a false image of success, then we could relax, pay our bills, have money in the bank, and feel the joy of creating our lives in a way that makes sense.

What if integrity, thoughtfulness & kindness were considered fashionably hip? How about creativity, originality, authenticity & a sense of humor as the coolest accessory or feeling grateful for the wonderful things we have now, as the new beauty enhancer?

What are we waiting for? If we change our thinking about what really matters, we can substitute stress for happiness…nanotechnology shows us that our cells will alter positively on a molecular level, which will allow us to feel healthy & look mahhhveloussss!

We can still have the great swag but maybe we can save up for it or downsize our lifestyle so that we aren’t suffering from stress by trying to have it all right now…

Stress isn’t cool or pretty…

We’re in this together…let’s be our own & eachother’s bff’s!

Change is good & supporting eachother is an easy first step…

Let’s be these people…

Randi B.


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