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Remember ‘The Secret’?…

Last year the teachings from ‘The Secret’ unleashed for us the wisdom behind The Law of Attraction. The deal with it is, ‘like attracts like‘…if your thoughts are focused on what you want, and you are certain that it’s being manifested, and you feel that it’s already here, and you’re in a state of feeling the joy having received it, then you will attract it…it will come, but do not under any circumstances doubt that this manifestation is going to happen, or you lose the vibration…the vibration you emit is the vibration you will attract…it’s based on quantum physics.

Ok, you either believe this or not…but gravity & electricity are invisible yet real.

I definitely am a Believer! Why wouldn’t I be? There’s nothing to lose except a negative attitude.

Right now things look rocky…politically, economically, socially,…you name it! But when was there ever a time in history when all things were good?  (Besides The Garden of Eden?)

There has always been war, poverty, prejudice, lying, scamming (bad stuff)…because the Ego has been part of the human condition since the beginning, and that ain’t gonna change.

Even though things are crappy, they’ll turn around and there will be other crappy things to take it’s place.

What we can do is continue to be a part of the Positive Collective Energy, because that’s available too! Let’s use our thoughts to look at the miracles around us to enhance the way we feel so we can attract more of the good stuff.

Yeh, I know, you either believe this stuff or you don’t…But let’s frickin’ Do It Anyway! It can’t hurt!!

Let’s not overlook how lucky we are to live in the United States…a place where I can say, ‘I think the president is a jerk’, and not get arrested.  There’s a lot of stuff to complain about. There’s a lot of stuff to be grateful for. We have free will to decide what our thoughts will be. Let’s use our gifts wisely…in ways that will consciously affect the atmosphere in a positive way.

In the movie ‘The Secret’, one of the contributors explains that Mother Teresa talked about peace not war, because the things that are thought & spoken about are given energy, which keeps it alive! What direction are we going to allow our thoughts to go in?

Let’s stay close to the good stuff!

Be wise always,

Randi B.


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