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Are You Happy?

That’s a loaded question…but what do you think? Umm I mean, what do you feel? 
We have a natural built in thermastat (our gut feeling) that allows us to determine if we’re living our lives authentically. Happiness is a conscious choice. We need to make sure that we want to be happy before it can happen. [...]

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What is your mind doing today?

Happy, Fun, Share, Compassion, Healthy, Free, Creative, Joy, Abundance, Lucky, Give, Kind, Feel, Love, Friends, Open, Breathe, Be, Now, Here, Good, Amazing, Real, Happy…
Talk about a fun new toy! Put one of these kinds of words in the forefront of your mind & the moments of your day will feel better & actually get better…remember [...]

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The (secret) anatomy of Obama’s revolution

November  2008

Throughout the past year it’s been amusing, heart-warming, and often irksome to hear political pundits waxing philosophical about Obama’s revolutionary presidential campaign.  What is inspiration?  Can it be trusted?  Why should we buy into lofty rhetoric from a fresh faced idealist?  Why did I just get a tingle up my leg? 
Obama has ascended to the presidency [...]

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The Messenger is as important…

…as the message! I’m referring to any news, good or bad, and how it’s delivered. The impact of good news can miss its mark, if delivered by a ‘buzz killer’…Bad news can be easier to accept if presented compassionately & thoughtfully. It’s the experience we are left with…the feeling we get from that experience, that [...]

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It felt like New Year’s Eve…

I mean, what New Year’s Eve is meant to feel like.
Late yesterday afternoon, the neighborhood was still, the stores were emptying and the polls were still open. There was a feeling of something about to happen…and the voters made sure that it did!
Watching the broadcast live from Chicago & New York was so moving, so [...]

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