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Are You Happy?

That’s a loaded question…but what do you think? Umm I mean, what do you feel? 

We have a natural built in thermastat (our gut feeling) that allows us to determine if we’re living our lives authentically. Happiness is a conscious choice. We need to make sure that we want to be happy before it can happen. Ask yourself, then wait…you’ll feel your answer!

I totally believe that there are two dominant systems ruling our universe, mind, soul, & bodies…

The Positive & the Negative…kinda like black & white.

Since we can’t control or patrol people, places & things, what’s left? Our own conscious direction!! What are our choices? Positive & Negative. The details of our lives can very easily get in the way of us waking up & feeling our lives…only then can we determine what direction we’re going in, by it feeling good (right) or not (oops…turn around!). At that point (we’re still consciously awake) we can determine what we want & who we really need to be. The Positive & Negative choices are always there in front of us…by living in the present moment, taking responsibility for our own joy, not looking for blame, consciously choosing the direction we want to live in, knowing we can create the way we want our lives to feel, we can realistically & lovingly navigate our way, to where we’re meant to go. 

It’s simple & not easy, but so what? What else does our conscious mind & gut instinct need to do, if not work on feeling happy? Give them a job! Pick a direction & let ‘em loose…have certainty that the joy is coming!!

All the best,

Randi B.


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