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It felt like New Year’s Eve…

I mean, what New Year’s Eve is meant to feel like.

Late yesterday afternoon, the neighborhood was still, the stores were emptying and the polls were still open. There was a feeling of something about to happen…and the voters made sure that it did!

Watching the broadcast live from Chicago & New York was so moving, so brilliant, so much fun! to watch Obama take the lead and win the election. To watch  the unity of mixed races & religions come together & care so much made me feel extra lucky that my friends, family & I are alive and able to be a part of this evolution for change.

It felt like a really, really, really good New Year’s Eve celebration!

Our children, our friends children, people of every shade, nationality, spiritual & religious belief bothered to vote for a new age…the age of unity, sharing, caring, being more than what we were before.

Change is good when we’re all on board & are participants for it…Mutiny will not occur if the one chosen to lead, does it from the soul & not from the ego.

It feels like the 60’s but on a more sophisticated level for real change.

Last night was memorable, beautiful & necessary…the end of discrimination is finally here!!

Let’s hold on to this wonderful feeling, as the evolution of progress takes hold…

We are one!

Randi B.


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