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The Messenger is as important…

…as the message! I’m referring to any news, good or bad, and how it’s delivered. The impact of good news can miss its mark, if delivered by a ‘buzz killer’…Bad news can be easier to accept if presented compassionately & thoughtfully. It’s the experience we are left with…the feeling we get from that experience, that lingers with us…so yes, it matters how the messenger is delivering that message.

I lucked out with a really nice surgeon, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I see him every six months for check ups, and though I sit & wait for my appointments in the stark waiting room, in the cancer ward of a large hospital, it’s not scary…because my doctor has a playful, kind spirit!

The C Bomb is paralyzing! There is so much fear attached to it and the unknown factors are sometimes the only things known, that I don’t like…but, I luv this: according to Kabbalah, F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real…! The false evidence can be our emotional reaction to the news. What influences that for us? Scary news & horror stories we’ve heard or read about from friends, family, the media, & our own imaginations running wild & out of control, causing us to feel fearful. But what if the news isn’t good but isn’t really awful either? Are we capable of controlling our feeling of fear enough to take one sensible step at a time toward the solution? Yes!! Here’s how…keep all negative influences away from you…pessimistic people,  bad news, horror stories…Only be around good, healthy, happy, positive energy sources, stay in the present moment, and don’t blame the doctors. That’s pretty much it…But be committed to keeping your eye on the ball while doing this…this includes picking the right messenger! If you have some time, & your medical situation is not immediately life threatening to you, then possibly finding the most competent medical messenger can help ease you into the reality of your medical situation.

It did for me…and that made all the difference toward my not freaking out.

Positivity, appreciation, sharing, love & light are healing methods…so keep your eye on the ball, it’s yours!

Good health & happiness 2 u,

Randi B.


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