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The (secret) anatomy of Obama’s revolution

November  2008

Throughout the past year it’s been amusing, heart-warming, and often irksome to hear political pundits waxing philosophical about Obama’s revolutionary presidential campaign.  What is inspiration?  Can it be trusted?  Why should we buy into lofty rhetoric from a fresh faced idealist?  Why did I just get a tingle up my leg? 

Obama has ascended to the presidency in a manner that defies rational analysis, excepting those wayward rationalists who figure paradoxical irrationality into their figuring equations.

Inspiration isn’t amenable to linear logic, because it exists in a dimension of experience that literally transcends the boundaries of space and time.    

Inspiration is the momentary suspension of thinking that only occurs when one is willing to experience the inner source of both body and mind.  Call this dimension ’spirit’, call it ‘creative intelligence’, put a feather in your cap and call it ‘macaroni’…..but there it is.  Waiting.  Ever waiting for our simple willingness to turn our attention from the serial drama of material scarcity to the inner simplicity of boundless creativity and joy. 

Does this statement ruffle the feathers of your inner cynic?  Does it sound like new age pablum? Does the simple truth seem to good to be true?  What external reference point can you point to that will make your inner yearning for exuberance valid, tangible and tolerable?  

Obama is a simple human who understands that the source of human nobility is the ineffable essence of the human spirit.  He has used this understanding to unearth the yearning of the masses, and has become the most powerful, popular man on planet earth.   All this…not from force, not from persuasion, but from inspiration–a humble recognition of what already is, what always was, what always will be beneath the frantic mask of matter and form.

What’s possible now?  What will be possible once a critical number of us boldly allow this same humble insight to take root? 

Today the future looks bright in a way that no petty dramas can constrain.

John Marshall Roberts



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