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What is your mind doing today?

Happy, Fun, Share, Compassion, Healthy, Free, Creative, Joy, Abundance, Lucky, Give, Kind, Feel, Love, Friends, Open, Breathe, Be, Now, Here, Good, Amazing, Real, Happy…

Talk about a fun new toy! Put one of these kinds of words in the forefront of your mind & the moments of your day will feel better & actually get better…remember the Law of Attraction?! My fave!!

Try it! Pleeeeeeeze! Seriously, take your mind, & purposely put your favorite happy word in it, on it, around it, just saturate it with a big happy, feel-good word (or two!)…carry it around with you all day, and don’t accidentally drop it, forget it anywhere, ignore it, or abandon it! Focus on it like (in a good way) crazy! 

If you don’t want to do it, Do It Anyway becuz it’s Fun! Now the question becomes…do you want to feel good & feel the feeling of fun? Say YES! My happy friends & I do! We know the domino effect is real…what we do & feel effects others…Global change begins with each of us taking responsibility for our own happiness…Happy people make a better world!

Want it! Own it! Find it! Work it! Feel it! Share it!

Feel the joy that’s always there…it’s yours for free!

Randi B.


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