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Happy New Moment!

Happy New Year Everyone!
In our culture the beginning of a new year is celebrated (yay!), but it’s also used as a time for us to make improvements to our lives. We don’t have to wait for anything! Everyday is New! Our moments are our January 1st’s!
Change starts with a thought, which when feels right, morphs [...]

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Riddles of Authority By John Marshall Roberts


Don’t listen to the media.  Don’t listen to your parents. Don’t listen to the government.  And sure as hell don’t listen to me.   Why not?  Because none of us has any authority apart from that which you grant us.  Have we earned it?  That’s the real question.
Where does authority come from? Can it be argued for [...]

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I liked you better when you were fat…

Someone very dear to me lost a bunch of weight & became a meanie. I liked him better when he was a chub. I’ve been noticing this transformation since my high school days, when girls would return from summer vacation with a new nose, no glasses, less acne and all of a sudden spectacularly beautiful…physically. [...]

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The death of denial By John Marshall Roberts


Will the economy collapse under our feet, bringing the next great depression? Will another terrorist strike in the US sometime soon? Will global warming cause weather changes that change the map, displacing millions? Will the fabric of our society crumble, bringing down everything we currently hold dear?
Terrifying questions aren’t they? But these are the questions [...]

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Let’s Be The One…

…to stay strong, happy & solid when people and things around us need an extra boost of positive energy.
To counterbalance the negativity in the world, we need to double & triple up on our positive influence to make up for the void. Doubt is the first thing, not to do! That opens up the gateway [...]

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