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Riddles of Authority By John Marshall Roberts


Don’t listen to the media.  Don’t listen to your parents. Don’t listen to the government.  And sure as hell don’t listen to me.   Why not?  Because none of us has any authority apart from that which you grant us.  Have we earned it?  That’s the real question.

Where does authority come from? Can it be argued for using sophisticated mathematical measurements and methodologies?  Can it be proven through  a series of well sequenced facts?  When we allow ourselves to view authority as some external force that we must conform to, what is the cost to our sense of freedom and goodwill? 

Authority is that which authors one’s experience.  You are the only authority.  Peel away the veneer of security-mindedness and we finally see through to the combustible core that gave rise to this deviously clever mindgame we call life.  Everything we touch taste and feel is but an outpicturing of a hidden idea that we are seeking to recapture with everything we’ve ever done since the day we were born.    

What is this hidden idea?  Who thought of it?  When will we find it again?

The drama never ends.

We are all authors.  To remember this is to regain our true voice, our true creative authority.  From this point forward, our life becomes a boisterous game of hide and seek, a shell game with convoluted outpicturings authored by of our own wayward and saintly impulses. 

Inspiration is the recognition of legitimate authority.  Strategies, resumes, scientifc discoveries, tactics, and game-plans are pure icing on an eternally ineffable cake.  Words can point towards the truth, but only courage and inner grit give one the fortitude to break through that milky film between what their senses tell them, and the simple unchanging truth:

In the end, inspiration is the stuff we’re made of.



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