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The death of denial By John Marshall Roberts


Will the economy collapse under our feet, bringing the next great depression? Will another terrorist strike in the US sometime soon? Will global warming cause weather changes that change the map, displacing millions? Will the fabric of our society crumble, bringing down everything we currently hold dear?

Terrifying questions aren’t they? But these are the questions that everyone is asking. The questions that haunt our collective psyche. The questions that keep us up at night, wondering if we’ve made the right life choices….or keep us medicated with rich foods, overpriced meds, and silly media that distracts us or provides a false sense of hope.

Throw it all away, please. Chuck it out the window. We don’t need that stuff. We don’t need hope when we’ve got the truth. The truth isn’t out there…it’s in our gut, beneath the shallow wanderings of our carnivorous, clever, ever-shifting minds. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Place wishful thinking aside. Place fearful thinking aside. Place all thinking aside….

What does your gut tell you?

That’s right! A revolution is underway. The way we live as Americans–as humans–is undergoing a dramatic, profound shift. The great news is that within this shift we will each find a new way of relating, a new expression of our deeper vocation, and a new sense of personal meaning within the mundane. This shift is an answer to our deepest collective longing, a buried calling that all of us secretly shares. It’s time to stop pretending otherwise.

The economy, the environment, the government–these are merely holographic outpicturings of insane desires we have long kept repressed and hidden. As we transform them, we will remember that who we really are will never be damaged by the smoke-and-mirrors mind-play of a world gone mad with denial.

Yes. It is, in fact, our denial that is dying. Good riddance. A house built upon the quicksand of denial will never sustain life, let alone the throbbing calling that brought you to this particular time and place. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy every sandwich.


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