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Water is so wise…

Recently Oprah expressed to the press that she can’t believe she’s gained weight again. That surprised me! Yes, she’s just like us in that way, where we’re all a little insecure ’bout somethin’…on our bodies! But I wish, wish, wish that she’d stop focusing on her weight because those thoughts are destructive, no matter who [...]

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Day One…Obama

He’s in! & we can see, feel and hear the buzz of hope in the air. It’s a good example of what collective positive energy can accomplish for us all. Even those who didn’t vote for him, can’t deny that people are happier. Who doesn’t benefit from being around more joy?
President Obama & his wife [...]

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Take a moment to breathe, Sun Salutation

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Desire = New Beginnings…

Our energy can be compared to a heat seeking missile…we strengthen whatever direction our attention is focused on. We can’t pretend that we’re non-participants on this planet…so ok, let’s choose to remain alert & aware of our thoughts, and the feelings that come from them. Remember, our bodies have a built in thermostat allowing us [...]

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Happy Healthy New Year We are all on this Planet Together

Every New Years we look back at the previous year and think about all the things we want to change in our lives for the coming year!! Let’s all work together and contribute to the fulfillment and improve our quality of life for mankind. This is the time to come forward and assist and work [...]

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The Good Green, Inside & Out…

Living a green lifestyle is a responsible step in the right direction for our Earth. Recycling, using fuel efficient, non-toxic, ’safe for the environment’ products is what we need to do in our daily lives to create a better world. Hoorah! That’s not the whole picture. There exists a metaphysical world that we cannot see (without a microscope), [...]

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