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Day One…Obama

He’s in! & we can see, feel and hear the buzz of hope in the air. It’s a good example of what collective positive energy can accomplish for us all. Even those who didn’t vote for him, can’t deny that people are happier. Who doesn’t benefit from being around more joy?

President Obama & his wife Michelle, are great examples of self made success. For anyone who thinks the odds are stacked against them, and feels defeated…whether you have or don’t have material things, have felt the eyes of prejudice upon you, feel inadequate for whatever reason… you can build your dream and live it! In our society we have the freedom to practice free will. We can choose our thoughts, create our lives, and help others because we can. “Because we can” is what we need to think about when doubt sneaks in. “Get the doubt out” and know that miracles do happen because they can happen…and they do! Yahoo!

Happy Inauguration Day to us all!

Thank Goodness,

Randi B.


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