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Detoxifying Oneself…

crazy buddhaYou know how ugly it feels to be really, really mad at someone? Whether it’s for a brief moment or longer, there’s a residual yuckiness that lingers inside. In the 79th Verse of “Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life” called ‘Living Without Resentments’, Dr. Wayne Dyer states, “As the storm of a quarrel subsides, you must find a way to disregard your ego’s need to be right. It’s time to extend kindness by letting go of your anger.”

Hey, you’re probably justified by being pissed but that’s not the point. The other person may not deserve to be let off the hook but you do…You deserve it, the Freedom from the toxic feelings that derive from anger.

“Rather than reacting with old patterns of residual anger…visualize offering kindness, love and forgiveness”, says Dr. Dyer.

Everytime I’ve sent ‘unconditional love’ to a jerk, my anger melted away. We don’t need to do more than that. Who knows, wishing well to a mean person may make them a little sweeter.

Dr. Dyer likes to “…end on love, no matter what!”

Feel good always…

Randi B


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