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Water is so wise…

Recently Oprah expressed to the press that she can’t believe she’s gained weight again. That surprised me! Yes, she’s just like us in that way, where we’re all a little insecure ’bout somethin’…on our bodies! But I wish, wish, wish that she’d stop focusing on her weight because those thoughts are destructive, no matter who you are! She has so much to offer, and she continues to be generous, but she can do so much more, if her mind wasn’t occupied & distracted with negative thoughts, about her looks. She’s beautiful no matter what her size is!

In the 21st Century, isn’t it amazing that our ego’s still push us around…everyone’s effected by this particular disorder, some more, some less…it’s a part of our human nature, our machinery, our chemical or spiritual (?) makeup. Ok, so instead of waiting for magnificent role models to show us how to over ride our egos, let’s take control over doing that for ourselves.

Why should we? Well, we can share so much more if we focus on what other people need, and stop worrying about what we’re getting back. I’m guessing that we (me included!) want to look ‘right’ so that we’ll get something back from others that will feel good, like attention, affection, a self esteem boost, etc…but there’s something called the “covalent bond”, found in water that allows its cellular makeup to attach to itself, to stay together. These molecules watch each other’s back! They are a family like no other!

If people thought about other people’s welfare in a similar way, then that magical circuitry will come around full circle, where everyone gets a dose of love. I find that I’m happiest when I don’t take inventory on what I’m getting back. Sharing unconditionally is such a joy when I do it without emotional strings attached. I have to keep an eye on myself though, because I too have an active ego, which I frequently have to beat down with a big stick. No one’s gonna do that for us & the result is that we’ll be there for each other…we’re in this world together! We’re made up of cells & molecules. I don’t see why we can’t share a covalent bond with each other if we put our conscious minds to it.

Yes we can! I’m in, are you?

Randi B.


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