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Dalai Lama On Materialism

Dalai Lama said it is important to have balance within oneself especially when it comes to our earthly possessions.”If an individual has a sufficient spiritual base, he won’t let himself be overwhelmed by the lure of technology and by the madness of possession.”
Very often wealth does not bring us happiness. During difficult times we must [...]

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Let’s Be Real…

What if the economic crisis we’re experiencing is a test to see what we’re really made of? As a student of spirituality, I’ve been taught that the reason we’re here is to transform our nature, always in a better way…the conscious act of unconditional sharing brings that magical feeling of joy we’re all looking for. [...]

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Doing our best to continue doing our best…

Do you ever feel like your efforts aren’t going anywhere? Like your commitments toward your work, family, friends, and achieving great things aren’t turning into anything to applaud about? Maybe doing our best needs the added ingredient of knowing that our contribution is doing some good whether we see or hear about it or not. [...]

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There are No mistakes & No problems…

What if we thought of them as Situations? If we feel less scared by taking the edge off, can we find solutions to our situations, with calmness & clarity? If we then add some hope & certainty that a solution is available, can we use our feelings of hope & certainty to add a little patience?, [...]

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