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Doing our best to continue doing our best…

Do you ever feel like your efforts aren’t going anywhere? Like your commitments toward your work, family, friends, and achieving great things aren’t turning into anything to applaud about? Maybe doing our best needs the added ingredient of knowing that our contribution is doing some good whether we see or hear about it or not. When we put a deadline on seeing a good result, it takes the fun out of the effort for doing it in the first place. The Universe k/a Big Mama is in control of time & space. Our job is to keep doing good things knowing that somewhere out there, we’re creating something positive.

When we take inventory of what we’re getting back, we begin to focus on what we’re not getting…Our consciousness will provide a feeling of joy when we take notice of the things that we can embrace in the Now…for example, behaving like the good people we want to be, appreciating the things in our lives that are working & the gifts that we’re given, being proud of the respect that we’ve earned.

All of the hard work that we put into our efforts, might posssibly be incomplete if we don’t keep an eye on our intentions…Maybe we should know with certainty that the positive things we do are good for the Universe, for people, for the world, and send out more of that consciousness. That mentality plus patience & time, may be the winning combo for achieving a life with purpose.

Maybe we should keep doing our best & leave the results open ended? Just because we don’t see what we’re looking for doesn’t mean it’s not there. Know it is!

Randi B.


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