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Let’s Be Real…

What if the economic crisis we’re experiencing is a test to see what we’re really made of? As a student of spirituality, I’ve been taught that the reason we’re here is to transform our nature, always in a better way…the conscious act of unconditional sharing brings that magical feeling of joy we’re all looking for.

Crisis, chaos, life’s drama’s & all negativity can be looked upon as opportunities for us to change our selfish nature by taking the focus off of ourselves & putting attention on how we can issue relief to others. The amazing Covalent Bond theory, is one of the purest examples in nature (water) that demonstrates the beauty of what occurs when unconditional sharing is at the forefront of one’s consciousness (Nanotechnology). Every water molecule has it’s back watched by a buddy, that’s why it stays together in droplets…we’re made of molecules, we have that consciousness to use too!

The material world can be fun playground, but it can also provide a huge distraction for us by taking our attention away from alternate spiritual belief systems that are available to us in formless forms. Why do we need an alternate? Because life often doesn’t make logical sense & sometimes just feels too hard to grasp without an alternate belief system. Call it what you want, but it’s that Magical Mysterious Stuff out there & all around us.

Maybe while these challenges of life are in our faces, we can use them as opportunities to grow a greater conscience. The pretense of having it all through show ‘n tell is ending…I think that’s a good thing because people are just people.

Let’s be our best authentic selves no matter what’s going on around us,

Randi B.


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