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There are No mistakes & No problems…

What if we thought of them as Situations? If we feel less scared by taking the edge off, can we find solutions to our situations, with calmness & clarity? If we then add some hope & certainty that a solution is available, can we use our feelings of hope & certainty to add a little patience?, then with a feeling of hope, certainty & patience, can we then begin to create & feel a flicker of joy?, and with that new spark of joy, can we actually heal ourselves?…Nanotechnology, physical science & Spirituality say yup!

Do we need to label & judge situations in our minds & call them problems or mistakes? I don’t know, but we do it, even if we don’t want to. Can we turn off or at least control our crazy internal yackity yacking mind, if it’s causing us to get in our own way? Absolutely! We have full & total control over our thoughts.

I think in our culture we’re taught to be hard on ourselves, but it doesn’t do any good. There’s a lot of repair that needs to take place, after the fallout. That’s why our free will is so amazing. With it comes free thinking, and with that we can guide our thoughts in a direction that makes sense for us. With our ability to do that, we can take the edge off our feelings by converting a judgmental negative thought toward a problem into a gentler, more compassionate one by knowing that life is all about dealing with a variety of situations. If we don’t spook ourselves, we’ll then have a better chance at finding the best solutions while successfully learning how to navigate through life. Then we can free up our creative minds for other purposeful things.

Believe you can, then you can!

Randi B.


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