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Things I need to do & have to be Happy…

In order of preference:
1. Good Health: without it, we can’t enjoy anything…,
2. Sharing: Finding a way to help people feel joy is so much fun & feels so Good!,
3. Love: Feeling strong connections toward family & very good friends…
4. Friendship: Enjoying an openness toward good people who aren’t yet very good friends…,
5. Creativity: We can [...]

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Dalai Lama on Love

“Love is the center of human life.” Everyone dreams of true love and without it we would never survive. Why is it so hard to find? It seems as though everyone is so self absorbed they lose sight of themselves and others in the process.
True love and compassion is unconditional and can be felt with all [...]

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Simple pleasures are a priceless gift…

No matter what’s going on around us, we can find joy in simple pleasures. We take for granted that the sun is shining, the clouds pour rain, the wind has a chill, and water is wet…we don’t have to know why they are, they just are! If we slow down, stop and recognize the Now, [...]

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Simple Pleasures from Expo West…

I have a bunch of good things to share with you from my 3 day experience at The Natural Products Expo West Show at The Anaheim Convention Center…
Simple pleasures are what we all need right now…here’s the first one I want to share with you…
The Coconut Body Polish from Biotropics has taken me to that [...]

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