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Dalai Lama on Love

“Love is the center of human life.” Everyone dreams of true love and without it we would never survive. Why is it so hard to find? It seems as though everyone is so self absorbed they lose sight of themselves and others in the process.

True love and compassion is unconditional and can be felt with all beings and even enemies.

“The feeling of a mother and child is a classic example of love.” As a mother we sacrifice everything to guide and nurture our children in caring for them best. We never ask for anything in return, yet it is our greatest pleasure to give unconditionally. We must cultivate a passionate nature to take care of mother earth and the world around us.

The most important thing is to love yourself first and then put attention on your friends and family,lastly on strangers and then enemies.

“Loving oneself is crucial. If we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?”

We must be an advocate of unconditional love for mankind to promote happiness in all.



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