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Simple pleasures are a priceless gift…

No matter what’s going on around us, we can find joy in simple pleasures. We take for granted that the sun is shining, the clouds pour rain, the wind has a chill, and water is wet…we don’t have to know why they are, they just are! If we slow down, stop and recognize the Now, there is so much good stuff to know about, and feel joy from that!

Yes, our lives are busy and yes, there’s always news and events to distract us from our quieter side, but it’s unhealthy for us to be robotic because even when we’re on auto pilot, our soul needs to be nourished. Even if it’s taking a bath, smelling your favorite scent, looking at really cool art, reading a passage from a book you can’t put down…the feelings that generate from those simple pleasures can carry us through the bumps in the road.

When we give ourselves those moments, it’s a wonder why we don’t do it more often because they’re simple and they’re pleasures and they’re easily obtainable…

Another hugely simple one that brings an abundance of joy is sharing…a smile, a gift, your availability to a friend or loved one, listening without judgement, being happy for what we already have and helping others see what they have to smile about…

During these crazy times, we need to hold onto to anything that brings us sanity, and even though there always has been and always will be turmoil going on around us, so what?, we can know it’s going on without adding to the negativity of it.

Stay well, let us all continue to possess & share kindness,

Randi B.


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