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Simple Pleasures from Expo West…

I have a bunch of good things to share with you from my 3 day experience at The Natural Products Expo West Show at The Anaheim Convention Center…

Simple pleasures are what we all need right now…here’s the first one I want to share with you…

The Coconut Body Polish from Biotropics has taken me to that place…where simple pleasures take over & everything feels good again! The people who represent the company  have made a commitment to create and sustain balance for the body & soul by making products that share wellness secrets from Malaysia.

The smell of this product is heavenly…the feeling of the scrub salts is an awakening, and the smoothness it creates for the skin after it’s rinsed, is like textural bliss…the lingering scent left on the skin left a mental note to my senses that I want to go back & visit this experience again!

Reviving our senses is a simple, easy gift to give to ourselves…

Be well & happy!

Randi B.


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