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Things I need to do & have to be Happy…

In order of preference:

1. Good Health: without it, we can’t enjoy anything…,

2. Sharing: Finding a way to help people feel joy is so much fun & feels so Good!,

3. Love: Feeling strong connections toward family & very good friends…

4. Friendship: Enjoying an openness toward good people who aren’t yet very good friends…,

5. Creativity: We can all benefit by listening to our inner voice & feeling our soul navigate us toward expressing ourselves in an authentically fresh way…, 

6. Money: We need some money to take care of ourselves…

I like my list. When I graduated from college, money was on the top of my list of things to work toward. Many, many, many years later, here I am with it in 6th place. I plan on always manifesting 1-5 because they bring delight to my life without money being much of an influence! I know I can feel joy & be happy living on a budget…and I’m not the only one doing it right now!

One of my favorite spiritual teachers told my class that we didn’t come here to be millionaires…our souls came here to transform our selfish natures, and when we share without taking inventory of what we’re getting back, we’re free to feel joyful from that unconditional sharing experience. I want to live that way every moment of every day…because I don’t want money to take me on an emotional roller coater ride. 

I know people living well & having fun on a budget because they share…good times & laughter, a positive attitude, friendships, emotional support, creative ideas, being non judgmental, & being plain old friendly!

With what’s going on in our economy, we really should find real ways to feel joy no matter what’s going on around us, or we’ll go crazy!!! 

I don’t want to know what that feels like…

Let’s look at the good things that are working & respect their value…

Randi B.


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