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A Simple Buddhist Monk…

His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama was visiting UCSB for a lecture. CTNGreen’s Robin Rudoy & I were literally inches from him, taking pictures and taking in his presence. When he walked into the room with his entourage of monks & security, he looked at peace…I felt at peace just being that close to him. [...]

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Today is a very special day. But wait, isn’t everyday an amazing day? 
We take this amazing globe we’re living on for granted, so let’s do more than whoop it up today. Maybe we can simply feel a strong appreciation for the Earth & all that it gives to us!
The fact that we don’t fall off [...]

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Inner Peace…

I’m mildly obsessed with a ten year old book written by The Dalai Lama called “Ethics For The New Millennium”. I gotta tell ya, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was sold out of five bookstores before I scored a copy…I’m gonna hope that means that people are reading it!
He talks a lot [...]

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Right Now is the Perfect Time to Start!

Everything in our lives happen exactly the way they’re supposed to!…Who sez? Every Spiritual manual, guide book, & road map says that same thing…We’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be! Which means that all the good & bad things we’ve experienced, were supposed to happen…to bring us where we are now!
Ya great, so now [...]

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I was tempted…but I know better!

Very recently some shady business went on around me & guess who got scaarrewwed? Corruption exists, always has, always will. While in my shocked funk I was pretty tempted to have a pity party for myself. It would’ve been a good party…lots of invites! My favorite people feel bad for me…and I feel bad that [...]

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Say it loud & proud…”I’m Not Perfect!”

First Lady Michelle Obama got criticized today for huggin’ on the queen a lil’ bit. Come on, the queen embraced her first! & I luvvv that Ms. Michelle is a hugger! You go Mich!!
I like flaws in people & in myself…Not Giant Bad Ones, but the normal ones we can all relate to. It’s kind [...]

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