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A Simple Buddhist Monk…

His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama was visiting UCSB for a lecture. CTNGreen’s Robin Rudoy & I were literally inches from him, taking pictures and taking in his presence. When he walked into the room with his entourage of monks & security, he looked at peace…I felt at peace just being that close to him. The gentle smile on his face, his movements, his answers to questions…he is a man of intelligent calmness & of higher insight.

“Greed leads to Lying”,
“Dialogue needs to be the way to End War”,
“We and Them is no longer a reality in this world, We are One!”,
“Affection is what the human race needs more of”,
“Internal Disarmament”, “Interreligious Harmony”,
“Our Economic Crisis is a good lesson for us”,
“America is not in danger of starving…don’t be a slave to money”,
“Being Ethical leads to Happiness”

…He said many valuable things, but his Soul Message is of ‘Harmony’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Unity’, ‘Caring’ & ‘Peace’.  With all of the unjust chaos that he & his Tibetan followers have escaped, and are exiled from, he has remained a Positive example for them to look to. Not to look up to, but to look to. He chooses not to encourage his ego…”I am an ordinary human being.”  On my wish list is to have him as my neighbor, best friend & teacher. If I can’t have that, then I want to be more like him…  I recommend, “Ethics For The New Millennium”…his essence can be felt through his writings…he practices what he preaches…we gotta love that!     Peacefulness leads to Happiness!                    -Randi B.


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  1. 1Robinon 25 Apr 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Right on Sister you captured the essence of the Press Conference! The Dalai Lama’s energy and spirit is contagious!

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