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Today is a very special day. But wait, isn’t everyday an amazing day? 

We take this amazing globe we’re living on for granted, so let’s do more than whoop it up today. Maybe we can simply feel a strong appreciation for the Earth & all that it gives to us!

The fact that we don’t fall off of it, floors me…

If it/she wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be able to experience much.

Where would we get colors from? Or scents or flavors? What about touch & hearing?

Earthalina unconditionally loves us! We don’t have to be elite in any way to enjoy its gifts…the flowers, trees, mountains, oceans, beaches, butterflies, birdies, fruit, food, water, an eco system that works…& on & on & on & on…

So today can be a Reminder for Us to Give Thanks to the Earth with our mind, body & soul. At minimum, we can appreciate & acknowledge how miraculous it is that when we’re in the present moment, this magnificent thing called Earth is actually here & we live on top of it! & it supplies us with all that we really need to lead happy, healthy lives.

Let’s Love the Earth Everyday, and not just because it’s written on the calendar…we can be better than that, without much effort!

Earthday Video Mashup - Celebration Edit from CTN GREEN on Vimeo.

Peace Everywhere For All, On Earth & in the Universe,

Randi B.


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  1. 1Sweetiepieon 25 Apr 2009 at 10:27 am

    2adminon 25 Apr 2009 at 10:31 am

    you two look like sisters - beautiful.

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