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I was tempted…but I know better!

Very recently some shady business went on around me & guess who got scaarrewwed? Corruption exists, always has, always will. While in my shocked funk I was pretty tempted to have a pity party for myself. It would’ve been a good party…lots of invites! My favorite people feel bad for me…and I feel bad that they feel bad…make sense?

Ok, now I know what I can do…say haha! and start to balance out the energy. I want to be an example of someone who won’t go negative! No pity party was thrown & I’m busy working on my business. Bad stuff happens all the time, every moment of everyday for lots of people, but we still have to fight the collective negative energy coalition by not being negative.

Talk about bad news…this week in Afghanistan, their prez signed a law that allows men to rape their wives. News is that they already get away with beating them and throwing acid in women’s faces if they’re unescorted by a male relative while out & about in their city, but now this? Oy!

In the beloved movie The Secret, one of the contributors talks about what can be done when horror is going on in the world. He said that Mother Teresa only spoke about Peace…because to talk about the bad stuff, gives it fuel by feeding thoughts & attention to it. Dang! I’m not gonna give anything to the dark side…hell no I won’t go!!

So, to balance the injustice out, I’m going to not be anything but grateful for what I have & what is working in the world…and in my life…and find more ways to share good energy. I have to feel good in order to share the good…and that is the direction I’m focused in! 

Let’s slap negativity in the face! O wait, that’s negative…oops! 


Randi B.


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