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Inner Peace…

I’m mildly obsessed with a ten year old book written by The Dalai Lama called “Ethics For The New Millennium”. I gotta tell ya, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was sold out of five bookstores before I scored a copy…I’m gonna hope that means that people are reading it!

He talks a lot about how Inner Peace definitely, affirmatively, and positively leads to genuine Happiness! Quote, “…the peace I am describing is rooted in concern for others and involves a high degree of sensitivity and feeling…that inner peace is the principal characteristic of happiness, explains the paradox that while we can think of people who remain dissatisfied, despite having every material advantage, there are others who remain happy, notwithstanding the most difficult circumstances.”

I’m smiling while writing this because there’s hope for us…we don’t need to have more material things to be happy! He has seen, “…the disturbing prevalence among the populations of the materially developed countries of anxiety, discontent, frustration, uncertainty, and depression”.

The wealthy who share are happier than those who don’t, because the connection to people is what we all need to feel good as human beings. 

He saw this coming. Change is happening, but let’s not be afraid of it…let’s look for inner peace within ourselves…it’s there, we just need to connect to it.

Randi B.




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