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Say it loud & proud…”I’m Not Perfect!”

First Lady Michelle Obama got criticized today for huggin’ on the queen a lil’ bit. Come on, the queen embraced her first! & I luvvv that Ms. Michelle is a hugger! You go Mich!!

I like flaws in people & in myself…Not Giant Bad Ones, but the normal ones we can all relate to. It’s kind of amazing that we’re taught to try to be perfect without a real explanation of what all that means. I like people with imperfections as long as they’re not mean. Negativity is a huge flaw that isn’t fun, funny or cute. 

The press is constantly looking for ways to ‘out’ our celeb’s…but why? I guess to bring them down a few notches…but why? I guess to show us that they’re just people who have flaws…like us. People are people. 

Intent is key…since we can’t strive for perfection because we don’t know what it is, how ’bout if we strive to be a positive participant on this planet?

The first lady scored big points with me for huggin’ the queen. I think it’s sick & hilarious at the same time that a warm gesture of friendship, such as a returned embrace, is supposedly still against protocol, in this day & age…

This world needs more warmth…a conscience, a heart & soul is what we need more examples of. 

Let’s be our best positive selves,

Randi B.


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