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Being Different is a Good thing…

Wouldn’t it be great if we were taught to “Just Be Ourselves…with a giggle & a smile!”

We can be unique without causing trouble. We’re taught to conform from a young age…to fit in with our family, at school, peer & social pressures, rules for this & that, & so on & on…Life would be chaotic, & crazy-bad without them, but do we lose our original selves when we give in to conformity too much? Is that laziness or just the way we are? Let’s not judge it…let’s just give ourselves permission to be unique & original!

When things are running smoothly, or not, it could be good for us to exercise our wackier creative side…trying something different, living authentically, not being afraid of being a separate thinker from the group, exercising what’s in our heart & soul, tapping into the goodness of what feels right…even if it’s weird to other people!

Admit it, we like being around ‘unique people’…their energy is on! In our hearts, we know it’s more fun to live outside of a preconceived notion…I think that’s what being a leader is about…showing ourselves, then others that we can try a new idea, modify the road we’re on,  to one that makes good sense & feels right…

Let’s eliminate all of our negative influences, one by one, to make room for our creative process to unfold…let’s allow ourselves to morph into genuine, interesting, kinder people!

Let’s just Be Happier…

Randi B.



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