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Extreme Emotional Reactions = Ego…

In his book “A Simple Path”, the 14th Dalai Lama talks about understanding Emptiness’ as a reality. According to Buddhist beliefs, emptiness is that part of our inner selves that is attached to a belief that’s actually not there, but causes us to have a strong reaction to it. It’s a feeling or a voice inside, that winds us up…But it’s our ego consciousness & not part of the present moment reality. We have to keep watch over where our tempers, our inner anger, comes from…are we just reacting to our own crazy negative ideas, or is there really somethin’ bad goin’ on?

“…if you realize that there is no intrinsic reality to things and events then, of course, this will automatically help you to understand that no matter how real and strong emotions may seem, they have no valid basis.”

“The moral that we can draw from all of this is that the strong emotions which afflict our mind arise from a fundamental state of confusion, which leads us to apprehend things as real…Most of our strong emotions arise from assuming the reality of something that is unreal.” 

Let’s stop our own craziness…and just wake up to what is really real!

Peace & Serenity,

Randi B.



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