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A Very Juicy Gemini New Moon!

This extraordinary New Moon May 24 coincides with a rare rendezvous of JUPITER, CHIRON, and NEPTUNE all at 26 degrees Aquarius. When one or more planets interact at the same degree, their energy is focused on ending a cycle and birthing a new beginning.
Jupiter and Neptune conjunct every 12-13 years. Jupiter and Chiron conjunct every [...]

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Being Different is a Good thing…

Wouldn’t it be great if we were taught to “Just Be Ourselves…with a giggle & a smile!”
We can be unique without causing trouble. We’re taught to conform from a young age…to fit in with our family, at school, peer & social pressures, rules for this & that, & so on & on…Life would be chaotic, [...]

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We’re Doing Great…

When we behave Positively during our lifetime, we’re really doing some good work! Our societal messages have been mixed up. There’s been a vibe telling us to rate our value based upon big achievements…anything that gets attention from the masses. Who started that rating system, because it’s self-defeating & Dumb!
The ego has been behind this [...]

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We all want the Light…

One of my teachers told us that everyone wants to feel good. Some of us discover that feeling through love, creative expression, the circuitry of sharing & receiving, a physical & verbal connection, etc…
Drinking, getting high, & sex are others ways to find the light, that’s why so many people are addicted. Through history, drinking [...]

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Come on, let’s choose the ‘Funner one’ …

Did you know that we cannot hold a Positive & a negative thought in our mind at the same time?
Do we realize how amazing that is?  Do we really get this: We have the power to decide ‘how we want to feel’, in advance, & actually make it happen! That’s so effin’ Cool dude…
Ok, so [...]

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Just know “it’s coming”…now go get busy!

The thought, “So, where is it?”is like,
‘if this thing I want, doesn’t get done, or happen by a certain time in my life, then I’m not gonna believe in it any longer’…
Putting a deadline on something we truly have a desire for, doesn’t require one. If we really feel we want it & it’s a good thing [...]

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