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We’re Doing Great…

When we behave Positively during our lifetime, we’re really doing some good work! Our societal messages have been mixed up. There’s been a vibe telling us to rate our value based upon big achievements…anything that gets attention from the masses. Who started that rating system, because it’s self-defeating & Dumb!

kitesThe ego has been behind this crappy way of thinking, since the beginning of time. We need to constantly take that sucker down…It’s the negative part of ourselves: the voice inside that judges, makes negative assumptions, blames, feels victimized, is angry, keeps score & ruins everything! The sooner we dismantle the ego consciousness, with a sharing one, the faster we’ll start healing this planet, but we need to keep an eye on our own negativity. It’ll work if we literally mind our own business. 

How will life improve?

We can get back to enjoying & appreciating simple pleasures…appreciating them in ourselves & others! I like & want that. 

Caring, being positive, helpful, non-judgmental, appreciative, giving, funny, happy, kind, compassionate, available, creative, & contributing positively in any way at all, does a lot for our Planet…Nutritious Positive Energy effects all of us in an amazingly healthy way. Let’s be rah, rah for that!

Goodness Counts So Much…

Randi B.

ED NOTE: http://www.intothewind.com/shop/Traditional_Kites/Best_for_Beginners/Sled_Butterfly_Delta_Collection - flying kites - a very sunny day zen thing to do with friends.


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