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Are We Done Being Arrogant Yet?

We’ve heard stories about ordinary looking people, even righteous ones, doing some really, really wrong thingsIt’s way more fun to find out that ‘different’ looking people have hearts of gold…& why shouldn’t they? Let’s smarten up! & put an end to judging people without knowing them first…And heere’s Kat Von D…

I like her new book High Voltage Tattoo. My friends & I knew she was a great girl when we first saw her on Miami Ink…she’s now matured into an awesome young woman!

“Whether I’m helping somebody cope or celebrate, when I give somebody a tattoo I become part of a landmark in time for them. The connection is something way beyond a needle and some ink. I can’t magically take away people’s problems and pain, but I can help them honor, heal and rejoice. And that to me is the best gift I could ever receive”.

On December 14, 2007, she set the Guinness World Record for completing 400 tattoos in twenty-four hours and gave all of the money she earned to “a charity organization called Vitamin Angels that supplies essential vitamins to children in third world countries. Their goal is to stop child blindness by 2020. The way the program works, twenty dollars can help eighty kids. By the time we were done with all the tattoos, we had collectively saved over 32,000 kids from gong blind.”

She’s Truly Beautiful Inside & Out…

Randi B. 


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