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“Excuses Begone!”…a new one from Dr. W.D.

Our beloved 21st century prophet, Dr. Wayne Dyer, is sharing his wisdom with us once again with a new book, “Excuses Begone!”. I watched this new PBS special & am so impressed with what he’s showing us about ourselves…we have the power to create meaningful, enjoyable lives, if we let go of our ego’s!

“Don’t underestimate the power you have over yourself & Don’t overestimate the power you have over others”…fabulous! 

The trick is for each of us to handle ourselves…to butt into or own lives, & butt out of other’s…once we tackle that idea, we need to decide if we want to be happy or not…once we get that straight (again, with ourselves), we need to take control of the power we have over our own thoughts…this is where the Law of Attraction kicks in…vibrationally, we will connect up, & attract the same energy we’re feeling…Like Attracts Like.

When we stop making excuses for why we can’t feel love for our lives, & start believing that we can, should & have to, that’s when the Positive shift will occur for us…it just will! Again, it’s about removing icky old negativity, and replacing it with Beautiful, Fresh, Young, Creative, Positive Energy…it starts with our thoughts!

Let’s just go in that direction & connect to the good stuff…let’s save ourselves & the planet!

Randi B. 


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