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Our Small Inner Voice is Trying to Tell Us Something Big…

We’re actually genius enough to navigate our thoughts without anyone else’s input, if we’d learn to quiet our ‘annoying noisy minds’. There’s a treasure chest of instinctive brilliance within us, with a small speaking voice attached, that can give us the true answers to the questions we’re constantly asking ourselves…It’s called Our Intuition! Let’s make friends with it…

Kirsten Harrell @Intent.com wrote… “The dictionary definition of intuition is an immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning. Intuition or hunches are the whispers from your soul, offering you guidance and direction. Intuition is a powerful source of information, creativity, and inspiration. When you follow your intuitive voice life flows more easily, things seem to fall into place, and you will experience less stress.

Inventors, business people, law enforcement officers, healers, and many others use their intuition regularly to make decisions and to achieve success. Intuition can help you make decisions at work and in your personal life - especially when you don’t have time to gather all the pertinent information. It can help you avert difficulties and tune into potential problems on a project. Your intuitive voice can help you with simple choices (like which route to take home) and big decisions (like which job to take).

Everyone has intuitive potential - men and women. It is a natural talent that everyone possesses. It is not something special limited to only a few gifted individuals. As a child, you freely accessed your intuition. Unfortunately, over time you likely received negative feedback from your peers, teachers, or family. You likely began to doubt your intuitive voice and shut down this channel of information. The good news is that with a little patience and practice you can strengthen and hone your intuition to create a valuable guidance system.

Let’s Continue Dropping Our Ego’s, then we’ll make room for, & allow our small inner voice to help us make great big Great decisions! We’re on our way…Doubting Not Allowed!

Own Your Thoughts,

Randi B.


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