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Allowing Life 2 Unfold…

Wouldn’t it be great to flip a switch in our minds…where we could turn our brains off & on when we needed a break from our thoughts? Sometimes we get in our own way by over thinking too much. By trusting the universe to help us on our path, maybe we’ll notice something like this…
DailOm, [...]

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Happiness is Sharing…

We always have something to offer others. Whether it’s a gesture of kindness like a smile, or reassurance, a present wrapped or not, or just being available to be with, it’s all worth giving. No matter how well off we are financially, we still can always share something good with someone else, and find delight [...]

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The Dalai Lama & the Tibetans: Stay Strong Guys!

I wasn’t surprised when I read this report issued by DalaiLama.com…
Report Says Valid Grievances at Root of Tibet Unrest
Published: Saturday, 6 June, 2009
Dharamsala, HP, India, 5 June 2009 (By Edward Wong, The New York Times) - A group of prominent Chinese lawyers and legal scholars have released a research report arguing that the Tibetan riots [...]

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We’re Never Really Stuck…

Everyone I know has been in situations they don’t like & wish they could get out of, fast. It creates the feelings of doom & gloom…But We Don’t Have To Give In To That Thinking because it’s the worst of all of our choices…
There’s A Solution To Every Situation…we just have to allow ourselves to [...]

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Juicy Nam Triple Mantra

Triple Mantra clears all types of psychic and physical obstacles in one’s daily life. It is a sure protector against car, plane and other accidents. It cuts through all opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. Listening to or chanting TRIPLE MANTRA will strengthen your magnetic field and keep negativity away. There are three parts to [...]

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Appreciating What We Already Have…

It’s so funny how we take for granted the things that are working right in our lives. Amazingly enough, the dark side of our human nature is constantly trying to get us to notice what isn’t working, and what we don’t have…that’s our stinkin’ ego trying to get us to pity ourselves…No way, let’s not [...]

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