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Tao Verse 27: Living By Your Inner Light…

In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life”, he summarizes all eighty one verses of the Tao Te Ching…brilliantly! Written by Lao-tzu, this 2500 year old book of wisdom in Chinese means The Great Way… 

Give Freely without Motive:

“Lao-tzu advises you to give without keeping an account or expecting something in return, for this is the nature of the Tao, and you are of the Tao. Giving is synonymous with receiving when you live by this illumination. Trust the inner light to guide you, for it is your heritage. Your origin is more from the Tao than from parents, culture, or country.”

Live Freely Without Fear:

“It’s also important that you live more spontaneously–you don’t need to neatly wrap up each detail of your life. Understand this and you can travel without being attached to a plan that covers every possible scenario. Your inner light is more trustworthy than any guidebook, and it will point you in the direction that’s most beneficial to you and everyone you encounter.”

Live Without Judgement of Self & Others:

“Become “a knower of the truth,” as Lao-tzu advises, by forgetting the locks, chains, maps, and plans. Travel without leaving a trace…and rather than curse the darkness that seems so rampant, reach out with that inner light and let it shine on those who aren’t seeing their own legacy in the Tao.” “…be wise and help all beings impartially, abandoning none”.

Get the book, let’s do the work…

Peace & Sanity,

Randi B.



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